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OctavePussY (OPY) is a NL-based group of musicians playing U da funk, more funk and nothing but da funk. Their music can best be described as urBANNED FUNK, da funk they can't handle today. People are blinded by da bling but da bling ain't got the swing remember?


Currently OPY's main musicians are WAHAZE (all instruments, producer), THE LONGSLEEVEMASTAH a.k.a. THE27MC (lead vocals, guitar), EFARTU LA TUHERU (bass, vocals) and LPJ a.k.a. JNR-ONE (drumz). Currently on guitars we have BUGIS BAGUS and THE SHAKA WIZ a.k.a. J.P.P.YEAH-U-KNOW-ME. Up front MISS JUICY ROCK (lead vocals) and TRAVIS ROLFES (vocals).