OctavePussY (OPY) was founded in the mid nineties (after the funk revival at full steam) when WaHaze and SpareRibs created a solid music fundament, to be used finally in full effect around 1999 when they found Kamardski Steuzelkov (vocals) and Fuzzhead (guitar) to join the forces. The four youngsters came up with OPY’s first album “Propagations Of The Classical Groove” (2001). All session musicians used during the recordings decided 2 stay and a live band was formed, soon disreputable for their stage funk ejaculation: most of the time right in your face.

In 2005 (OctavePussY already has grown to a 12 piece funk machine) released their second album “Here Are The Results Of A Universal Jury”, accompanied by many live gigs in The Netherlands, Germany and the UK. Their latest CD-single “Goodies Of The Past” (2007) was aborted before reachin’ its peak when a few band members suddenly let OPY down, just before a summer tour.
After that the decision was made to freeze the live band. But three soldiers never stopped marchin’ in and got, with some new funky forces of Miss Juicy Rockz, OPY up and running again with the release of the 7” “Funk In Your Funk” (2010).

Absolute highlight in their career sofar, must be the recording of the track “The Funkshipz Captain” with Funkoverlord George Clinton, Garry “Starchild” Shider, Michael “Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton, Greg “Mr. T” Thomas, Robbert “P-Nut” Johnson and Razor Sharp, back in 2001. Secondly, a recording session with JB’s Fred Thomas (James Brown’s main bassplayer) in 2005.

CD Propagations Of The Classical Groove (2001)
CD-single The Life Of The Funkshipz Captain (2003)
CD Here_Are_The_Results_Of_A_Universal Jury (2005)
CD-single Goodies Of The Past (2007)

CD AssFunk (2015)